Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Projects: Card Display Ribbons

We are blessed to receive many wonderful handmade cards from my
mother-in-law, and the kids absolutely LOVE getting mail.  They enjoy looking back through them and pointing out funny pictures or characters.  We had been displaying them all on the refrigerator, but quickly ran out of room since we had to keep them out of our 15 month old’s reach.  We needed a better solution, to allow them to look at all the cards easily.  I also needed something quick and easy, especially with the holidays quickly approaching, as we expect lots of holiday cards in the mail soon.  Here’s what I came up with:                         

Card Display Ribbons:
1.  Attach a small Command hook to the wall
2.  Tie a long ribbon to the hook, using a small knot or bow
3.  Adjust the length as needed
4.  Decorate paper clips with ribbon, flowers, buttons, craft wire, or your favorite embellishment
5.  Use the clips to attach cards or photos

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