Thursday, April 26, 2012

TILTHW- Easy crib sheet changes

Things I Learned The Hard Way- Consider purchasing quick zip crib sheets ( ).  They are more expensive than regular crib sheets, but you only need one full mattress wrap and about 2-3 top flat sheets with zippers.  Plus, they are MUCH easier to change, especially if you’ve had a cesarean,  if you plan to get pregnant again before your first child is out of the crib (usually around age 2), when you lower the crib mattress to the lower levels, or if you are less than average height.  You won’t have to lean over the crib rail as much, putting pressure on your abdomen or chest, depending on your height.  Plus, you won’t have to completely or partially remove the crib mattress to change the sheet which is a lifesaver on laundry day or for leaks.

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