Sunday, April 29, 2012

TILTHW- Hooray for video monitors!

Things I Learned The Hard Way- Consider purchasing or registering for a video monitor with an intercom from the beginning.  You won’t really need the video or intercom aspect early on, but it becomes very useful if you have a climber (you can figure out how they are getting out of the crib), or when you switch up to a toddler or big kid bed (you can tell them to get back in bed when they try to get up repeatedly).  As your child gets older, you may be able to ask them what they need when they awaken at night saying “mommy, mommy, I need you”.  They may just need to hear the sound of your voice and know that you are close by.  Video monitors are also a great way to just watch your sweet baby sleep peacefully or to figure out just what they are doing in their crib when it sounds like a tumbling routine in their room before they fall asleep.  When you no longer need the monitor in the child’s bedroom, you can move it to their play area to keep tabs on them while you use the bathroom, prepare lunch, or throw in a load of laundry!

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