Monday, April 30, 2012

TILTHW- Quick clean-up

Things I Learned The Hard Way- Consider getting plastic bins, baskets or buckets to use while cleaning.  Keep one with cleaning products (carpet cleaner and a cloth for spit up stains, dust cloth, paper towels, glass cleaner, etc).  Take your cleaning basket and an empty bin or basket with you to the first room, pick up everything that doesn’t belong in that room and put it in the empty basket (some of us need large laundry baskets for this).  Finish cleaning the room, then move to the second room.  Take everything out of the catch-all basket that belongs in room #2 and put it away.  Pick up everything in room #2 that doesn’t belong there and place it in the basket.  Complete cleaning room #2 and move on.  This saves valuable time moving from room to room putting things away.  It is also easy if you get interrupted, to put the baskets up out of your child’s reach or in a closet until you can get back to them.

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